Sunday, 23 January 2011

New Learning Log Target (24/1/11)

Learning Target;
To research your groups chosen country.

Rooney – Spain Becchio – France
Keane – Germany Messi – Italy
Beckham - Barbados

What could you do?
- Locate the country on a world map.
- Research what the country is like (hot etc).
- Research what food originates from there.
- Research what popular meals are eaten there.
- Does it have any famous landmarks/places?
- Does it have any particular customs?
- Find and draw the countries map.
- Find map of the country.
- Is it famous for any particular types of clothing?
- Find some pictures of places in the country.
- Does it have any famous bank holidays/festivals?
- Anything else you know about the country.

To be handed in by Monday 7th February

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