Monday, 19 September 2011

Autumn 1 Half Termly Letter

7th September

Dear Parent,

Welcome back, I hope you all had a super summer.

Here are some reminders of dates and topics for this coming half term.

P.E. Monday and
Thursday, children will need outdoor kits and suitable footwear e.g. trainers
or pumps.

Spellings New spellings will be given every Monday and tests will be on
the Friday afternoon of the same week, the spellings given are words related to the
class theme and words with a focus on a particular word rules e.g. suffixes,
prefixes, singular, plural rather than the actual words. So when practicing
them please emphasise the rule e.g. adding -ing.

Homework Homework is the
learning logs, a new learning target will be put into the books every fortnight
and your child will have 2 weeks to fill the 2 pages with anything they think
relates to the learning target, the deadline date will be at the bottom of the

I would be very grateful if you could encourage your child to complete every
piece of homework and to hand it in on time. It is essential for your child to
get into a routine before they start high school.

Please make sure your child reads
their school reading book at home. I would like them to read everyday,
and if you could please write a small comment about what they have read and
sign it in their reading journal. We will aim to listen to your child read at
school once a week (reading timetable attached) so please ensure your child
brings their book and reading record on their designated reading day.

This term our class theme is The Phantom of the Opera, so all our subjects will
be related to this. Here are some of the activities we will be doing this half


Play/script writing and shape poems
/ calligrams related to The Phantom of the Opera.


As a school we follow the DCFS
Mathematics framework and during this half term we will be covering blocks A, B
and C unit 1 and also relating maths work to theatre attendance and production


Looking at light and shadows, related to a theatre and theatre

Information Communication Technology (I.C.T.)

Researching the theme.


Theatre and local “haunted” building locations and map work.

Design Technology (D.T.).

Mask making and set design.

R.E./Personal, Social, Health and Cultural Education

Islam, New beginnings

Physical Education

Dance and gymnastics.


Composition and appreciation of the music related to the theme.

Mrs Pound will be teaching Thursday afternoon, teaching R.E., PSHCE, French and
P.E. to cover my PPA time.

Also don’t forget our Year 3 blog which can be found on the homepage of the
school website, get blogging!

can you please ensure your child has an indoor pair of shoes/pumps or slippers.

I am aware
that there is a lot of information included in this letter! If any of the

is unclear, or if you have any further queries regarding your child, please do
not hesitate to see me.

I look forward to meeting you more formally at the target setting day.

Kind regards,

Miss M L Green

Year 3 Class teacher

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