Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Maths Morning

This morning in school we have been working together to do some creative maths, year 3 worked with year 6, in the year 3 classroom we made maths board games and in the year 6 classroom we investigated pyramids with different bases. We had a super morning, here are some photos of us game making;



What did you enjoy the most about the Maths morning?


  1. Your board games look fantastic I'd love to have a go at playing on them!! Well done years 3 and 6!

  2. My fav thing about the maths morning was working with y6 and getting on as a team, love from Bethanyxxx

    1. I agre whith that bethany. I found it fun getting on whith each other aswell.Love from hannahxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. I loved the boad games they all look great!Love from Bethanyxxx

  4. I liked going in y3 and y6 because they both had fun and interesting activatys.It was very fun,love from Hannahxxxxx

  5. welldone year3 and6 from sade