Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Learning Log Target

Learning Target

To write about and research food and recipes.

What could you do?
- List your favourite foods.
- Write out the recipe for your favourite meal.
- Research where a food originates from.
- Make something by following a recipe,
and take photos or bring in what you made to
show the class.
- Go shopping, with an adult, and find out the
prices of your favourite foods.
- Research how food from other countries
gets transported to England i.e. bananas.
- Write a menu of your favourite meals.
- Write about what you know about healthy
- Anything else you want to write or find out
about food.

To be handed in by Friday 25th January

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  1. I think ar learning log this week was fab i realy engoyed donig ng ar learning log this week so as evry week realy hannah